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A website of any company needs to be always in good shape, well in presentation and sound in quality. Content and visuals and other brand related information kept on websites must be kept updated in order to maintain the higher ranks on search result pages and attract the new visitors all the time. In this case some websites require daily updates while others only demand periodic maintenance.

Website maintenance is a must from the brands perspective as well as customers perspective. It includes revising, editing and changing the existing website pages in order to keep the website up to date. The regular addition of new useful and relevant information and omission of outdated and irrelevant information also come under website maintenance. Apart from this, repairing the parts and sections of any website which are not serving their purpose or are not functioning properly is also part of website maintenance. Links and graphic images on any site are generally prone to corruption if not kept updated with time, but basic HTML pages also can get corrupted. So, they as per website maintenance need to be updated and refreshed.

We at Aurelius Technologies understand that its important to keep your website up-to-date; its imperative to revise and revamp all of the existing web pages and also adding additional web pages responding the business needs. Therefore to suit your differing needs we offer manifold options for website maintenance. In our several web maintenance packages, we offer repair and maintenance of links, images and several other malfunctioning components of the website. In website maintenance section, we perform tasks like updating sites content, updating the photographs, revamping the graphic design work, transferring the files to a new server, backing up the existing files, uploading the new files to your server, updating contact information, adding several additional products, adding or omitting search engine tags, installing word press plug ins and troubleshooting the plug in errors and much more.

We do not bring any change in the websites structure and core design since that comes under website re-designing section. The revisions done on the website can be incorporated on a regular basis or in the intervals as specified by the company. Adding of new web pages is another aspect of website maintenance. You can opt for a cost per page or go for a monthly maintenance contract.

Aurelius Technologies also offer a newsletter option. For this we dedicate one page on the website for newsletter, articles, current brand information, and other essential and relevant topic. The content on this page can be updated regularly or in intervals as per the companys specification.

We are Indias one of the leading website maintenance service providers. Our team of expert designers, SEO experts, technicians and content writers help us incorporate much desired changes in the website bringing a change beyond our clients expectation.