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How does Web Streaming Works
You may have made a video in which you and your friends are performing a song. Someone is with the guitar while someone is doing the vocals, and you want the world to see this video in order to make them realize the talent you have got. However, it is not an easy job now to put your video on the internet and wait for it to go viral. The aspects of live web streaming have changed a lot over the past few years, and now you can't follow the same steps which you followed about 3-4 years ago, and still get the same results. The way you used to share your videos with the world, say about a decade ago have changed significantly. Now, in order to get the results you need to know the new ways of doing it.

Ways to do web streaming
You have a lot of options to stream your video on the internet, but of these options do not offer great video and audio quality. So, choosing these options wouldn't do any good to your reputation which was the first reason for putting your video on the internet in the first place. You can use You Tube and other similar online video streaming platforms, however, be ready to accept the results as they are not going to be really healthy. While You Tube can be successful to some extent, the other similar versions would be better off if not tried.
Broadly, there are three ways of live streaming a video on the web. You can put your video on the internet, and ask the user to download to be able to watch it. Now, this method has a lot of disadvantages attached to it. As the size of a video file is quite large, it takes ages to download the file completely in order to see it. Moreover, in this world of viruses and hackers, there will only be a few users who will believe in you and download your file. The next way is the You Tube and other such website streaming, which is also called progressive download. The quality is the downside of this form, and thus users wouldn't prefer even this method a lot.

The perfect way & its benefits
Now, the web broadcasting type that is doing rounds all over the world at this moment in time is full live streaming. The quality of video as well as audio in this type of live web streaming is top class, and users can enjoy the full video without any glitches. The only thing the users require is good download speed so the video can stream fast in order to watch it without any interruption. You can either use your own server to host the video or you can use a paid hosting service to manage all your videos. If you share video regularly, then paid online streaming service would be the best option for you because now the service provider would manage the download speed to provide the viewer of the video a perfect experience in terms of quality as well as the speed with which the video would be online TV streaming.