Top 10 Tips on SEO content writing

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It is known to all that SEO and Content are two sides of the same coin. After all, content without SEO may cost you heavy. All your hard work will go in vein and your content will wander somewhere around page 50 or 60 in search engine results. As a result, poor traffic will demean the exposure of your website and magnetize fewer customers. On the contrary, if your content shares good relationship with SEO, it will hold top ranks in the first page and can be the real time money-spinner. This article presents 10 tips on SEO content writing to roll your online business and enhance your customer – attracting capacity.

Top 10 Tips on SEO content writing

On your Content Front

1. Triangle of Relevance : If your website deals with home décors, please do not write about your brother's dog even if it is damn cute. You cannot attract dog lovers to your site by any means. To avoid this track deviation issue, always remember a content strategy principle – Triangle of Relevance. The three angles of the triangles are – Business objective, User interest and Time connotation.

  • Business objective: The products, services, target customers should be relevant to business interests.
  • User interest: Knowing your audiences, their likings; hobbies; culture etc. will shape your content. So, do lots of homework and appeal to them.
  • Time connotation: Important dates, festivals, seasons, personal life events, current trends etc. has a lot to do with relevancy.

2. Mind-map the Conclusion : Among 10 SEO content writing tips, this is one heck of a tip which works on inverted pyramid principle. This says you should put the headline first, followed by sub-heads and then expand it. Remember, readers don't scroll unless they find the headline attractive. So if you the leaving the conclusion for the dessert, everyone is going to skip your dinner party.

3. One Idea per Paragraph : The fundamental rule of thumb is sticking to one idea per paragraph. Try to keep the element of paragraph as effective as possible. Some of the busiest creatures on earth are internet users. Rather than reading contents line by line, they prefer scanning. So, do not give too much filtering task to your visitors by fusing many ideas in one paragraph. Otherwise, they will hardly take a second to switch to another website.

4. Action Words to Pack a Punch : Short texts with big impression are on high demand in the recent online era. Action packed, tempting and well thought – out words will create a great first impression. Avoid passive voice and tell straight to your readers. Sprinkle some useful SEO… bang on to ranks, traffics and sales! To instantly escalate traffic and ranks read 10 SEO content writing tips.


5. Bullet Lists beat Paragraph : As stated earlier, internet users face severe time crunch, lengthy paragraphs are not their cup of tea. To tap to their needs, you should keep your content in bullet list form. Short bullet lists and subheads are easy to scan than paragraphs. Note that representation is a very important aspect and it plays huge impact upon readers' tastes and preferences.

6. Limit list to 7 : It has been found out from studies that majority of human brain can remember 7 to 10 things at a time. So, there is no point in lengthening your list beyond 7, as readers can hardly remember what you said next. Keep your bullet lists short and to the point. 10 SEO content writing tips unfold newest tricks.

7. Shorten Sentences : Do not let a single sentence over – perform. Try to make the sentences as concise as you can. Cut off additional adjectives. Use limited number of words to state the essential information across.

8. Power of Subheads : No doubt; a catchy headline will magnetize readers. But how to reel them inside the content matter? Subhead is the answer. It makes the text easier to scan. Readers can move to the subheads which strike their interest. Subheads act ad internal cues, making it easier for audiences to read.

9. Linking Internally : Through links web readers can easily scan pages. Links are distinct from normal text and therefore, offer quick clues about what the webpage deals with. Internal link structures also make it easier for search engines to crawl your webpage. To know more about internal link structures, read 10 SEO content writing tips.

10. Proofread your work : Content can rock and rule, but one mistake and silly grammar issues can kill its credibility. Do not bank on online tools and word processers as they skip many mistakes. Therefore, prior to posting, ensure that you proofread thoroughly or count on an expert to get the job done.

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