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Digital marketing has its one important and effective facet channelized into mobile marketing. SMS short code texting presents the easiest and completely inexpensive way that helps you integrate SMS messaging into your business. Like earlier times, short code SMS is not only a service available just for big brands; small and medium scale businesses can enjoy the same benefits from this service.

Let’s first understand what exactly this service is?
SMS short code keyword service is very simple but utterly effective means of communication between brands and their customers. In this the service provider returns a customized message to mobile phone which is in response to a particular keyword which has been sent by a text message by a user. The applications of short code service are unlimited; it is useful at two ends, customer as well as the brand. This kind of marketing can help any scale business to generate huge amount of leads and reach unlimited numbers of prospective customers. Short code service is completely versatile. Its versatility, moreover its cost effectiveness allows businesses to make complete use of SMS communications.

Short Code Actual Price Basic Plan Premium Plan Validity
56161 Rs. 9000 Rs. 3499 Rs. 4499 1 Year
56767 Rs. 9000 Rs. 3499 Rs. 4499 1 Year
53030 Rs. 20000 Rs. 8999 Rs. 9999 1 Year
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5 Digit Premium Short Code -- Used by ICICI Bank, HDFC, Make My Trip, SBI Bank, Asian Paint, Dish TV and Many More. As a premium 5 Digit Short Code chances of getting desired Keywods are More..

Note: All Short Codes come with Free Control Panel, Free Auto Reply, Free SMS and Email Alerts. 

At Aurelius Technologies, we believe in delivering to our clients only the best value. Our short code SMS service is facilitated with the following features-
bullet SMS auto-responders
bullet API for custom application
bullet SMS analytics
bullet Real time web based reporting plus complete control
bullet Web based control panel
bullet API for custom applications
bullet SMS and E-mail forwarding
bullet Return customized text to the sender

Apart from the above mentioned major advantages, there are numerous other benefits which we offer with our service.
The loop is like this:-
bullet A prospective customer is inclined towards your product or service.
bullet The interested customer sends your company’s keyword as short code SMS from his mobile number.
bullet That particular mobile number is forwarded to you. With this a customized thank you SMS is sent to the customer.
bullet Company or you can call at the forwarded number and provide the desired information. The process can convert the prospect customer into a loyal client.
bullet The mobile number can be used for future mobile marketing campaigns.

Now permit us to tour you through the extraordinary advantages you can avail from our service:-
bullet Accessibility. The service works on every mobile.
bullet Nationwide reach. The service is immediate and the messages reach all across the nation.
bullet Convenient. Customer can return calls at your convenience.
bullet Spontaneous. Many customers choose to respond immediately to an ad but many think of acting later. This procrastination never ends and customer ends up at never contacting you. But with short SMS keywords, customers spontaneously and almost immediately reach you.
bullet It acquires your mobile phone database.
bullet Cost effectiveness. The service is available at fixed and low price. There is no per SMS cost.
bullet It also tracks magnitude and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and reports the same in different geographic regions.

Well known for delivering finest performance digital marketing service, our organization has achieved fame in providing the best commercial messaging services to all scale businesses.