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The mobile web has been very much in demand, since people at all times cannot sit on their desktops or roam with their laptops to visit their favorite websites. Therefore there is a big need for a unified, customer friendly and highly responsive design mobile websites that can efficiently run on all gadgets.

Aurelius Technologies offers the fastest and easiest way to build a dynamic looking mobile website which will be designed as per your wish. Our developed mobile websites are of high quality, quick navigation, easy to use and really cost effective. We generate value product, which increase customer loyalty for you and increases sales for your business.

Our highly talented staff of experienced software developers and website builders gathers content from your website and the overall web. Thereafter this content is re-organized to fit into a small screen; this is done by making the broad content into a well focussed tablet write-ups and target info. The last stage is when we create a brand new, mobile-friendly website.

Mobile websites which we develop are highly compatible with all the major Smartphone platforms. The websites run very efficiently on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. There is no tension regarding you require any technical skills. We have easy and quick mobile site editor; with this drag-and-drop site builder you can build a mobile website within minutes that will be too easy to navigate. Other features of our service of mobile website development are:-
Mobile Website Many times it is tough to spot locations. Our Mobile Maps button helps customers to find their location with the help of step-by-step directions.
Mobile Website If you do not want to drag-and-drop process, One-Click Conversion helps you quickly convert your original website into mobile website with just one click that too with no change in the original website.
Mobile Website Customers have access to the advance Site Editor with which they can customize their mobile site by configuring navigation, template setting, HTML and CSS editing and much more.
Mobile Website It's important to keep track of your website visitors as more number of visitors opens the websites on their mobile phones on-the-go rather than sitting on their desktops. Our built-in Google Analytics help you keep tabs on the number of visitors.
Mobile Website We also provide Google AdSense widget which you can integrate into your mobile site. By this you can earn money on your mobile website visitors.
Mobile Website Websites hosted by Wordpress and Blogger are mostly visited by people, and so we offer Wordpress and Blogger integration.
Mobile Website Apart from all these features, we bring forth a host of mobile page templates that offers a large variety of templates you can choose from and which fits your requirements of sour website.
Mobile Website Nothing goes without sharing with family and friends. It calls for social media integration. With this feature, you can tuck Twitter feed on a website, add a Share button to link to Facebook, share your videos from YouTube and much more.

We design dynamic, future-friendly and feature-rich websites loaded with powered and targeted content that runs beautifully on all mobile phones, and lures in more and more customers.

'This world you get on-the-go! '