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Google ads are advertisements which can be seen on Google’s search results through the use of AdWords. These advertisements are also spotted on many other websites with the use of Google’s AdSense program. Nowadays organizations use Google ads to advertise on Google in order to gain brand exposure and draw highly targeted visitors to their sites. Advertisers use different search engines to advertise which require corresponding advertising platforms. For example to create Yahoo ads one needs Yahoo! Advertising and for Bing one needs Microsoft AdCenter. Similarly in order to create Google ads, advertisers need to use Adwords, Google’s advertising platform.

AdWords is the most popular form of Pay-per-Click marketing and thus to create successful Google ads, you must thoroughly understand how to use Google AdWords.

How can you spot Google ads from others? Well, on any Google search engine results page (SERP), you will notice two paid links sections- one lies above the ‘natural’ or organic links while other one lies to the right of organic results. These sponsored results are Google Ads which have been paid for; in this they differ from organic Google results.

Keywords for Google Ads
Keywords are the foundation of PPC form of advertising. To create the Google Ads, the very first step is to choose the keywords. For this you will need to create a list of keywords that are important and relevant to your business. Now marketers in order to promote their business in every possible way not only create ad text based on these keywords but website landing pages also. One of the best ways to build a list of keywords bearing high relevance for your business is to make it by using keyword generator tool. Further, organizing those keywords into properly segmented groups helps in creating relevant Google ad text and site landing pages.

You know now the role of keywords in Google ad creation. There are different types of Google Ads as these advertisements can be cast in varied sizes, shapes and formats. Let’s learn their types-
bullet Google Display Ads: These particular advertisements exist on Google Display Network. Display network is the assortment of outside websites which have partnered with Google as display partners. Google Ads appear on Display Network in the form of text, image, video or rich media format. These are also targeted differently from those on Search Network.
bullet Google Image Ads: These advertisements can be seen on Display Network sites. They can be still images or they can be in the form of animation or Adobe Flash.
bullet Google Banner Ads: These advertisements are very famous form of image ads.
bullet Google Local Ads: These advertisements are not any specific local ads. Google local ads are created by using location targeting options to target the users on the basis of any specific location.

Creating the Google Ads and learning how to advertise them on Google although seems overwhelming but it is in actual an easy process. In order to create any new ad campaign, you just need to understand your customers, set your budget and organize it. Rest the advertisements do it all.