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Facebook ads help you simplify and expedite the strategy of paid marketing on the social media platform. Recently Facebook has introduced objective-based ad buying and reporting. This has greatly helped the brands to build and measure the campaigns based on their expected results, which includes sales conversions, website traffic, page post engagement, page or ad likes, apps installs and engagement, responses to event invitation and a lot more.

Creating of the facebook ads is the next step after you've created a page. Facebook ads are paid messages displaying the useful info about your business. You must be aware of how to reach to the right audience using these ads.

In order to set up an ad, choose the Page, place, app or any event that you wish to promote. Next, you can opt the following under 'What would you like to do?':
Get More Pages Likes- Here you are to design ad including headline, body text and image. It helps you to reach the people who are not connected to your page.
numberbullets Promote Page Posts- This allows you to promote your posts, which brings increased reach and places the posts on top in news feed.
numberbullets Get New Users- Apps interest everyone. So, get more app installs for your Facebook App. Your ad will show up to people who are more inclined to install your app.
numberbullets Increase Attendance- By increasing your Facebook event responses, your ad will show up to audience who possibly will join the event.

Next step is to reach the right audience. For this, you must have a rough idea of the customer which you wish to target. Also Location, Age and Gender let you to choose the basic demographics of your ideal audience. Last but not the least is Pricing and Scheduling of the campaign. First name the ad campaign, choose the apt budget and set the schedule for it. If you do not choose advanced options in goal section, you'll need to pay for impressions (CPM).

After you have set up your first ads, it is mandatory that you keep an eye on their performance in the Ads Manager. This will guide you regarding what works for your audience and thus you can calculate their return on what you invested.

There is much more you can get out of Facebook advertising. You can now target your Facebook ads based on people's buying history, their jobs and numerous other external insights which you can draw from major data providers. In order to helps the brands to get seen, Facebook keeps adding to the advertising tools which helps marketers target their audience in surprising ways. Facebook launched Custom Audiences, Conversion Tracking, Sponsored Results, Lookalike Audiences and lots more. Partner Categories is latest and most important advertising tool that helps you reach your ideal audience. It offers access to more data for Facebook marketers.
So, join the band wagon and promote your brand to the world.