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Dynamic websites are built in languages which are much more complex than those used in building static websites. These websites use much complex codes than the static websites. They also include the use of databases and with these databases you have various development opportunities for the site. Content of a dynamic website can be generated dynamically that is to say content is presented on site as per the user who accesses the site or it may be other parameters. Layout and page content are generated separately and help in smooth functioning. This content is stored in databases in the form of unique elements and these elements (words, numbers and image) are put together on display on the page. Such system makes it possible for you to display individual information to the users and also allow them to personalize the content on the pages as per their choice and preference

Usually companies prefer the static web development for the sake of cheap price of static web. But in case, you are thinking to create dynamic website then go through the list below. These are the needs which dynamic web format fulfils; the list can also help you decide if your business can run on static web or dynamic.
• Allow the users to personalize the content on the page or the layout of the site as per his preference.
• Through this interface, you wish to encourage user interaction. With this you are waiting to offer kinds of online services like individual user accounts, certain communities and user rating.
• You are planning to display unique and separate content to different users as per their preferences.
• You have plans to promote and sell online products and services.
• Last but not the least, you wish to provide access (even paid) to your visitors cum users to edit the website.

If your answer to most of the above listed reasons is yes, then you must go for creation of dynamic website.

Dynamic websites can work upon a large variety of modules as they are scalable. The sites hold countless capabilities in relation to interactivity. Newsletters, online payments, communities, forums, calendars and much more are the benefits you can avail from dynamic websites. Although the dynamic website is much higher than that of static website but you get to save just after the basic investment. Also the updates can be performed within the company; there is no need to outsource the modification work, you do not need to depend upon a webmaster. Doing the updates does not need one to have the specific IT knowledge and experience. Dynamic website makes for an efficient website management which can be managed and operated with the help of Content Management System. With this web development, giant complex websites which comprise bulk pages can be easily handled. Moreover you can change the layout while keeping the content same.

As you see there are numerous benefits of opting for dynamic website, however one cannot ignore a few of its disadvantages. Content on dynamic website is often less visible on the search engines. CMS is quite famed software as it helps in efficient functioning of site, but setting up of CMS is time consuming. Since there are lots of pages to handle in dynamic website, thus it operates slower than static sites. The development and hosting cost of a dynamic website as compared to static website is very expensive.