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Do you have a website in which you put lots of creative ideas, a spectacular layout and certainly employed numerous SEO tactics? Are you thinking of what to make of the site now as it lays dormant before your eyes? Well, we advise you to go for Affiliate Marketing. Probably you must have heard about it a lot. Let’s learn what the hype about Affiliate is.

One of the most accountable forms of digital marketing is Affiliate Marketing. In its core, it is about relations forged between three parties- Advertiser, Publisher and Consumer. To understand this form of marketing, we need to learn about the trio. An advertiser can be anything; either a company selling clothing, electronics, travel tickets, insurance plans etc or a real estate company. Bottom line is if you are willing to pay others to help you promote and sell your business, then you are an advertiser. Next comes publisher. It can be one person or even a company which promotes the product or service of an advertiser and earns commission in return. Advertisers hit contacts with publishers and then provide them advertisements or any promoting material like links, banners, text or picture ads or unique contact numbers which can be incorporated into publisher’s websites. What completes this marketing stream is consumer, the final component of affiliate relations. Consumer is who sees the ad and then performs an action. It could be in form of either clicking on ad link or filling out information on any form which routes them from publisher’s website to the advertiser’s location.

As an advertiser, you can upgrade your marketing skills and simplify day-to-day affiliate program management activities. You have already increasingly flexible and feature rich user interface at disposal. With this, and your well-assorted daily affiliate program activities, you can help your publishers to make their website more dynamic which would cause higher user conversions.

We present here a wonderful toolkit for our advertisers who are looking to accelerate their affiliate marketing programs and draw major benefits.
bullet Searching for publishers- When you search for publishers for affiliating, don’t just go scatterbrained. Search by program terms and status. Track, group and manage all your recruitment information at one place.
Affilliate Marketing Services Bulk Uploads- Upload text links in bulk through simple upload process.
Affilliate Marketing Services Scheduling the links- Perform link scheduling in order to specify a specific timeframe for your link or any promotion that you wish to run.
Affilliate Marketing Services Deep Linking- also known as ‘direct linking’, it enables the publishers to direct link to your product or service, thus increasing user conversions. It takes the users directly to the specific product or service page instead of the home or category page. This consequently enhances user experience and increases the possibility of the user action converted into a commission.
Affilliate Marketing Services Creating affiliate links- Be creative and think of bringing all forms of imagination alive. Create banners, text ads, flash, content and well classified product catalogs. Some other eye catching forms can be dynamic, pop-ups and pop-unders. You can also assign events to bring participation from users and to avoid hotchpotch limit access to only certain publisher groups.
Affilliate Marketing Services Lastly real- time transaction monitoring also helps you drive most out of your affiliate programs.